Week 5. Who is Jesus: the Evangelists on Jesus

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        So, enjoy exploring the word together.
Q1: The LORD is speaking to Isaiah: who is the servant, chosen? (Isa. 41:8,9)
Q2: But is the LORD speaking about a group or a particular person? (Isa. 42:1)
Q3: How does the LORD feel about the Servant? (Isa. 42:1)
Q4: What will the LORD send the Servant? (Isa. 42:1)
Q5: The descriptions in Isa. 42:2,3 concern the obedience of the Servant to the LORD’s will. What four behaviors will mark the Servant?
Q6: What will be the result of the Servant’s faithfulness? (Isa. 42:3)
Q7: Is the Servant immune to ordinary failings? (Isa. 42:4)
Q8: Is the Servant’s calling just to Israel? (Isa. 42:4)
Q9: How will the “islands” (Scofield says the Hebrew word means “coasts”; does this mean the whole Mediterranean world? it might) look on the Servant? (Isa. 42:4)
Q10: When we last saw Jesus, His family had settled in Nazareth. (Matt. 2:23). Now He appears before John the Baptist as a full-grown adult. Is the Gospel of Matthew a biography?
Q11: John the Baptist soothed his listeners with comforting words and gentle sayings—true or false? (Matt. 3:7-10)
Q12: John distinguishes himself from the one to come. What four distinctions does John cite? (Matt. 3:11,12)
Q13: Where did Jesus come from? (Matt. 3:13)
Q14: John at first refused to baptize Jesus. Why? (Matt. 3:14)
Q15: On what grounds did Jesus persuade John to baptize Him? (Matt. 3:15)
Q16: What three signs of Jesus initiation into His divine mission followed His baptism? (Matt. 3:16,17)
Q17: Where did Jesus come from? (Mark 1:9)
Q18: What three signs were given immediately after Jesus’ baptism? (Mark 1:10,11)
Q19: John the Baptist presented an agreeable manner—true or false? (Luke 3:7-9)
Q20: John distinguishes himself from the one to come. What four distinctions does John cite? (Luke 3:16,17)
Q21: John, like the legendary old preacher, had “quit preaching and gone to meddling.” What happened with Herod? (Luke 3:19,20)
Q22: What three signs of Jesus initiation into His divine mission follow His baptism? (Luke 3:21,22)
Q23: How old was Jesus by then? (Luke 3:23)
Q24: What three important points about who Jesus is are recorded in the mouth of John the Baptist? (John 1:15,17,18)
Q25: John the Baptist distinguishes himself from the one to come. What distinctions does John cite? (John 1:26,27)
Q26: John the Baptist gives the reason for water baptism. What is it? (John 1:31)
Q27: John records John the Baptist’s testimony as though he had been talking directly to him (which he might well have done). What happened at Jesus’ baptism? (John 1:32,33)
Q28: Who informed John the Baptist of Jesus’ identity and the meaning of what he saw? (John 1:6,34)
Q29: What was the people’s attitude towards the Servant? (Isa. 53:3)
Q30: What did the Servant bear? (Isa. 53:4,5)
Q31: What is the Servant likened to? (Isa. 53:7)
Q32: What did the Servant’s life become? (Isa. 53:10)
Q33: How important was the One to follow, in John’s opinion? (John 1:27,30)
Q34: Why was John baptizing? (John 1:31)
Q35: Where did John get his information? (John 1:33,34)